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Provides protection that can be found no where else

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Health Insurance Concerns
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The Answer is Our Unique Combination of Plans To Maximize Your Coverage

Multiple Policies

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We offer Low Deductible - Guaranteed Renewable - Layered, Practical Health Insurance that you can actually use at a price you can afford.

Our Solution

4 Layers of Protection

Unique 4x90 Day Short Term Medical Policy
Unlike other short term plans, this one creates no new pre-existing condition between each 90 day period

Provide a PPO Network and guarantees acceptance at over 650,000 doctors & hospitals. This part provides broad protection.

Companion Life

Advantage - Full Major Medical - Lasts 12 Months - Reapply after 12 Months

Disadvantage - Deductible and Co-Insurance Starts Over Each 90 Days

That's Why You Need GAP Protection Afforded By The Specified Disease Plan

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Specified Disease Plan - SD17

Covers $250,000 for each of the 7 Major Health Systems. Guaranteed renewable for life.

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Southwest Service Life - Specified Disease


  • Only $400 Deductible

  • $20 Doctor Copay pays $75 per Visit at Any Doctor - 6 Visits Per Person

  • Pays $2,200 per day per hospital / $2,700 per day intensive care - up to $250,000 aggregate

  • Provides an additional $80,000 of Inpatient or Outpatient Surgical Benefits

Pays in Addition to Short Term Major Medical to Reduce or Eliminate Deductible and Out of Pocket Expenses

Disadvantage - Stand-Alone Not to Replace Short Term Major Medical Coverage

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$10,000 100% Accident Medical Expense Plan

This may be used as additional protection to reimburse your deductibles.


Advantage - $250 Copay - Gives to the piece of mind to always get things checked out

Disadvantage - None

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A Living Benefits Plan is your Golden Parachute to avoid Medical Bankruptcy - Pays you a Lump Sum of Cash if a Chronic or Critical Illness Effects your Life

Available to everyone over 18. The Living Benefit Plan is a Term Life Policy with accelerated benefits for Chronic and Critical Illness. Can provide up to $1,500,000 of cash directly to you.

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Living Benefits Life Insurance available through Health Life Dental Insurance
Safe Harbor - Living Benefits
Our plan includes $150,000 for applicant/spouse without physical - ask us how you can up this coverage to as high as $3,000,000
Our Layered Approach

Our Layered Approach Smothers You in Protection
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